Auditing Firm

Your clients are depending on you to deliver safe and reliable applications. Anastasia Labs is a Haskell consultancy specialized in developing mission-critical blockchain applications.

Anastasia Labs

We help you turn your ideas into reality


We understand the importance of security in blockchain applications. We rigorously test & audit our work to provide the highest level of quality assurance for all our projects


We have been developing smart contracts on Cardano since they were introduced in the Alonzo hard fork.


Our team has worked on many of most succesful projects in the Cardano ecosystem.

What we can do for you

Anastasia Labs can help you with every aspect of dApp development.

Auditing &

We perform comprehensive review and assessment of smart contracts. Our services include manual review, property based testing, and even formal verification using Agda.

Smart Contract

We are experts in Haskell and the various DSLs (Plutus, Plutarch, Helios, Aiken) used to write smart contracts on Cardano.

Off-chain TX Building

The focus of modern dApps has shifted from client based tooling to web wallets, allowing users to initiate and sign transactions at the click of a button. Anastasia Labs will set up all the off-chain transaction building code and infrastructure to make your UI / UX seamless.

Our History

Anastasia Labs has worked on many of the leading projects in the Cardano Ecosystem.

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